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Zincosil 400 ml

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    Цинкосил - цинков спрей 400 мл
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    0.500 Kgs
ZINCOSIL - cold zinc spray, suitable for retouching of welded or pre-galvanized parts (rails, galvanized structures, parts of sculptures, iron parts exposed to atmospheric influences). Advantages: - Good coverage, with a spray of 30 micron film; - Good resistance to oxidation (lasts for a long time in the salt mist test); - Forms an elastic layer that sticks to the surface, protecting it from oxidation; - It has a clear color similar to that of hot galvanizing; - It dries quickly (surface - for 3 minutes) and does not form drops; - Can be painted on top or left over as a final coating; - Highly resistant to erasure.

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Zincosil 400 ml
Zincosil 400 ml