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11710/04PK spray 400 ml

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    ПК разблокиращ смазочен спрей 400 мл
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    0.500 Kgs
PK Universal unblocking and lubricating high performance spray with 7 functions designed for: ? Unlocking nuts, bolts, screws and mechanisms, with rust or stagnation; ? Lubricant for moving mechanisms, electronic parts, automotive parts, bicycles, sewing machines, working or household tools; ? Anti-rust protection, forms a protective layer against corrosion caused by atmospheric influence and salt; ? Antioxidant for electrical and electronic contacts; ? Removes water and moisture from arable surfaces; ? Thawing spray for cars and machine parts; ? Cleaning and degreasing: removes grease, grease, oil, plasters, rust, glue or dirt. It is also suitable for marine use - for cleaning, lubricating and protecting boats, ships, fishing equipment and machine parts that are in contact with sea water.

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11710/04PK spray 400 ml
11710/04PK spray 400 ml